Tuesday, May 13, 2014

North Korea: The Next Ukraine

Ulson Gunnar 
May 13, 2014

Long-laid plans by the United States and recent moves by both its military and media assets in the Asia-Pacific reveal what appears to be an attempt to undermine and exploit perceived weakness within the leadership of North Korea, topple the government, and replace it with a regime gravitating geopolitically toward Seoul and in turn, Washington.

A Ukrainian-style conflict within North Korea fueled by foreign destabilization would be dangerous not only for the Korean people (including Seoul) but for East Asia both economically and politically.  (Getty Images) 

Such a move would strip from Beijing a valuable buffer between itself and America's military presence on the Korean Peninsula and remove a crucial check-and-balance to American military assets across the greater Pacific region. Additionally, such a move could possibly put a dangerously destabilized, failed state right on Beijing's doorstep.

Long-Laid Plans

The Council on Foreign Relations, a US-based think tank representing the collective special interests that dominate American and transatlantic politics, published in 2009 a lengthy report titled, "Preparing for Sudden Change in North Korea." In it is expressed Washington's desire to see North Korea integrated politically and economically into South Korea and laid out provisions for sending across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) a substantial 460,000 strong "stabilization force" to neutralize Pyongyang's security forces and occupy the country until integration could be completed. 

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